Setting Memories

Kae's Memories is something that I came up with to give back to the kids. The joy I have around children and working in a pediatric clinic showed me a different side of children which gave me an even stronger bond with them. With that being said, one of my dreams is to make cakes for families impacted by the critical illness of a child.  The strength that children have is what some might call a superhero. They rarely complain or show that they're in pain and their brave face is the mask that hides everything. Seeing the joy that they always have makes you remember how blessed you are and how the little things you've complained about means nothing, especially when a child is given a certain amount of time to live and their spirit is brighter than ever. With all things considered, I would love to be apart of one of their memories by making a cake for a child that is ill or a sibling on their special day free of charge. Even if they can only have a little, cake makes things a little bit sweeter. Every child deserves a special day for them, so just send me an email with a little information and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.