About Us


Welcome to Indulge By Kae, where we are all about cakes, cupcakes and cake pops. We are a home based business bringing that special touch of home and warm-heartedness to everything that we do. We don’t claim to do many things, but we do cakes and we do them well.

Our treats are delicious and beautiful and fill that need for specialness that each and every one of us has. We have a passion to share a piece of home each and every time you buy our treats.

We are a self-taught bakery business, and our business is not just based on making the numbers tally or making the most profit. Rather, we are all about soul, all about family, and all about love. The bakery is a labor of love for owner, Kae. With each bite, you can taste not only her skill as a baker, but also the joy that comes from within.

We offer a home-style bakery experience with a vision to create an upscale but heartwarming quick-serve bakery with a focus on simple but deeply satisfying baked goods. Our philosophy is to offer easily accessible simple and delicious desserts.

Because we are all about heart and soul, there is a nonprofit side to our business called Kae’s Memories. Kae’s Memories makes complimentary cakes available to sick hospital-bound children and less fortunate children whose parents do not either have the time or the money to provide them cakes on their special days. 

We are all about soul and family, and we invite you to visit us today for a beautiful experience you won’t forget in a hurry.